Our Mission

Our mission at NYC Chess Connections is to bring the game of chess to you. We hope to convey the same experiences we had growing up learning how to play chess — that true sense of amazement, curiosity, and excitement. Chess is a cognitive game that has been proven to increase your creativity, improve your memory, improve problem-solving skills and spatial ability, improve reading skills, and improve concentration. We hope to teach and promote chess to underserved students in NYC area who have never had the opportunity before and create a free platform for students of all levels to learn and work together, ensuring that the game of chess continues to live on.

A Brief Message From Our Founders

Hello, and Welcome to NYCCC!

We're Eugene and Michael, the founders of NYC Chess Connections, and we're thrilled you're interested in learning more about chess. Chess has been a transformational force in our lives, so we founded this organization five years ago with the mission of making the game available to all students.  NYCCC has provided opportunities to dozens of tutors and students thus far, and these numbers continue to grow every day.  We're so glad you're here. 

Welcome to the NYCCC community!!

 Eugene Yoo & Michael Korvyakov

Eugene Choi Yoo


Eugene started playing chess in kindergarten and is currently a FIDE Candidate Master. Last year, he received the Scholar-Chessplayer Award and represented Team USA in the World Youth Chess Championship. Eugene founded NYCCC in 2019 to make chess education accessible to all. He will be studying at MIT this fall.