Our Team

Meet our team below, and read about some of their interests!

Eugene Choi Yoo

Co-Founder and Co-President

Hello! I’ve been playing chess for over ten years and am a National master. Outside of playing chess, I enjoy running, writing, and playing the violin.

Michael Korvyakov

Co-Founder and Co-President

Hi everyone! I’ve been playing chess for eight years. Outside of chess, I enjoy learning, playing sports, and writing.

Momoca Mairaj

Writing Blog Editor

Hello! I am an active chess player who also enjoys writing, listening to music, and taking evening walks.

Maddie Lykouretzos

Director of Marketing and Graphic Design

Hi! I enjoy studying biology and philosophy, while doing pole vaulting as my sport. In my free time, I do photography, sketching, and graphic design.

Maya Doron-Repa

Director of Outreach

Heyyo! My name is Maya Doron-Repa. I’ve been playing chess for 9 years. In addition to chess, I love to sing, play volleyball, and do math.

Aaron Gershkovich

Director of Operations

Hey! I’ve been playing chess for as long as I can remember, but now I mostly enjoy playing in my free time. I am currently ranked 4th in the northeast region for surfing, attended the Eastern surfing conference, and recently competed in the water polo junior olympics as well.