Our Tutors

Below are some of our tutors and their bios. Read all about their past achievements in chess!

FM Justin Chen

Justin Chen is a FIDE Master in chess, with a peak FIDE rating of 2340. Some of his best tournament results include winning the 2017 National 9th grade championship and being co-champion at the 2018 National 10th grade championship. He is also a two-time All-American Team member (2018, 2020) and was one of five representatives for Team USA at the 2019 World Youth Chess Olympiad.

NM Eugene Choi Yoo

Eugene Choi Yoo is currently a senior at Stuyvesant High School. He started playing chess when he was a kindergartner and became a National Master at the age of 14. He received 3rd place at the USCF Scholastic K-12 Grade Championship in December of 2020, 7th place at the USCF National Junior High School Tournament in May of 2019, and 10th place at the USCF National Junior High School Tournament in May of 2018. He also plays the violin and has studied at the Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division for four years. He has won many music competitions and performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

NM Mark Dedona

Mark Dedona is a USCF National Master, with a peak USCF rating of 2206. He’s played chess for nearly 8 years, with hundreds of tournaments under his belt and has tutoring experience. He has won several individual and team prizes in national tournaments with the legendary school IS318. Having beaten many highly ranked masters and even some grandmasters such as former Icelandic Champion GM Steingrimmson, Mark has developed a formula to play respectably against any opponent. He is currently ranked in the the Top 50 for his age group.

Ankit Raparthi

Ankit Raparthi is a 16 year old USCF Candidate Master (peak rating 2139) from New York City. He has participated in many national events, including a tie for 3rd place in the 9th grade nationals in December 2018. Ankit also has extensive experience teaching younger kids chess and is excited to share his knowledge with the next generation of potential chess players.

Kyle Phan

Kyle Phan is 16 years old and currently a junior at Brooklyn Tech H.S. He started playing chess in 1st grade at an after school program and quickly excelled. After taking a break for a few years, he started playing seriously at the start of middle school. Working mainly on his own, he managed to improve from 1100-1950 within a span of two years. He is still a motivated and improving player, and is excited to use his experience to help younger players improve.

Benjamin Medina

Benjamin Medina is a competitive chess player with a peak rating of 2045.

Marcus Sutton (Expert)

Marcus Sutton is an expert level chess player with a peak rating of 2003. He won the 2016 Tri-State Chess Championship and the U1800 section of the US Amateur East Tournament. He is the captain of his chess team at Edward R. Murrow High School. He has been a club-level Tournament Director since 2006.

Jenny Zhu

Jenny Zhu is an 8th grader with a peak rating of 2045. Some notable chess achievements include 2nd place in All-Girls national chess championship in 2019, 6th place in National K-12 Championship in 2019, and 20th place in World Cadet Chess Championships 2019. She has extensive experience in teaching young kids and is excited to share her knowledge.

Anthony Wong

Anthony Wong has a near master with a peak USCF of 1980 and is an experienced coach for younger kids. He has competed in many nationals, with a highest placement tied for 10th, and as of June 2020, he is top 100 in his age group. He is thrilled to provide an opportunity for kids in this time.

Ryan Chen

Ryan Chen has been competitively playing in chess tournaments for over 5 years and taught for about 4.5 months. He has a rating of 1920 and has played in 100 tournaments.

Jun Yan Li

Jun started playing chess in 3rd grade and guided his grade school team to a championship win at Nationals in 5th grade by placing on the top. He is currently ranked top 100 nationally from 4th to 6th grade. He has been a valuable teammate in helping his team place 1st at Grade Nationals every year. He is currently at his peak rating right now of 1820 and hopes to continue that rise.

Joshua Chong

Joshua Chong is 13 and has been playing chess for more than 8 years. He has played in more than 200 tournaments, and has scored 9th place at nationals. He has a peak USCF rating of 1912 and is currently in the top 100 for his age group.

Maya Doron-Repa

Maya is a current 10th grader at Stuyvesant, one of the most prestigious New York City high schools with a very strong chess team. She has been playing chess for 8 years, and it all started at her elementary school, P.S. 282, when her best friend joined the chess team. She joined thereafter and soon rose up the ranks amongst her peers. By fourth grade, she was the highest rated student on her K-8 team, and she helped the coaches teach the students. She switched schools to the Speyer Legacy School, where she remained through 8th grade. There she encountered better players who pushed her to work harder. She has won many tournaments locally, as well as nationally, all because of her passion and willingness to study chess. Outside of chess, she is a very strong mathematician, and has won many national awards at various difficult competitions. She also has won awards in the Scholastic Writing Competition for both her short story comedies and poetry.

Momoca Mairaj

Momoca Mairaj is in 10th grade at Stuyvesant high school, with a peak rating of 1845. As of March 2020, she is in the top fourteen in the country for girls in her age group.

Tommy Feng

Tommy Feng is a sophomore at Brooklyn Technical High School. He’s been playing chess for five years and played on the IS 318 chess team, one of the best in the country. He’s played in over 50 tournaments, winning the u1600 section in the NYS chess championship and peaking at a rating of 1739. He’s very passionate about the game and has high ambitions for his own chess performance.

Azizjon Sharifov

Azizjon Sharifov is an active member in the Chess in Schools program, where he has greatly improved his chess skill. Azizjon has done very well in tournaments, tying for third place at the 2019 US Amateur East Championship and winning 4th place at the US National Championship. In addition, he has won many state, city and local tournaments. His peak rating is 1637.

Bin Ni

Bin Ni is a 14 year old who has been playing chess for 7 years. He has attended numerous national and state level tournaments, winning the u1300 section at the 53rd Junior High NYS Scholastic Championship. His rating peaked at 1500.

Michael Korvyakov

Michael Korvyakov is an avid chess player with 8 years of experience. He currently attends Choate Rosemary Hall, a New England boarding school, where he is a member of the chess club. He’s played in numerous tournaments around the country including National and State championships.

Ifaz Howlader

Ifaz is a committed chess player, who racked up a total of 300 hours of online chess in 2020. He has won a DYCD chess masters tournament at Chess in the Schools in the 8th grade, which is one of the biggest Chess in Schools tournaments of the year. Outside of Chess in Schools, he has won other tournaments.

Partho Nath

Partho Nath is a Junior at Benjamin N. Cardozo high school. He was 12 years of chess experience, and has participated in the "Chess In The Schools'' program. Partho won 8th place at the New York Scholastic Chess Championship. He hopes to one day be a master of the game.