Our Tutors

Below are some of our tutors and their bios. Read about their past achievements in chess!

WFM Chloe Gaw

Chloe Gaw is a Woman FIDE Master with a peak USCF rating of 2104. She won Gold in her section in the 2023 Pan-American Youth Chess Festival and is a two-time winner of the All-Girls National Chess Championship. Chloe has had multiple Top 10 finishes in the National K-12 Championships and was also a member of the US national team in the 2022 World Youth Chess Championship in Romania. Perhaps her coolest achievement is being the only player to win their game against GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in a simul in 2022. 

NM Kiren Nasta

Kiren Nasta is a USCF National Master with a peak rating of 2221. He has played chess for more than ten years and is excited to share his knowledge.

CM Jed Sloan

Hi, my name is Jed Sloan, and I am currently a sophomore attending Stuyvesant High School. I am an avid chess player with a peak rating of 2162. My best chess achievements include winning clear first in 5th grade nationals in 2018, 4th in 9th grade nationals, and obtaining the FIDE Candidate Master title last year. I am also Vice Captain of the Stuyvesant High School Chess Team and lead the 9th grade team to a shared first in 2023 grade nationals. My other hobbies include tennis, skiing and competition math. 

CM Krish Bhandari

Krish is a USCF Expert and FIDE Candidate Master. In chess, my most notable achievement is winning 3rd place in the 2023 Pan-American Youth Chess Festival U16 section. Outside of chess, he enjoys math competitions, coding, art, video games, and basketball which you can find him playing after school in Rockefeller Park.

Aritro Chakravarty

Aritro is a sophomore at Stuyvesant High School. He is a USCF Candidate Master who has been playing chess competitively since Elementary School. His USCF & FIDE peak ratings are 2158 and 1967 respectively. Aritro has placed in the Top 5 in the NY State Open (2023), NY State Scholastic championships (2022), and placed third in the US National Online Scholastic K-8 Championship. He is currently in the Top 40 players nationally in his age group.

Affan Bhimani

Hi my name is Affan, I'm a second year university student studying economics. I picked up chess roughly two years ago in the height of the pandemic, and have loved playing chess since then (have reached a chess.com rating for 1700). Outside from chess, love playing recretional basketball, tennis and listening to music. Have no prior experience in tutoring, but believe that I have developed some good foundational skills to teach to the younger generation and those who are less privileged (giving back to the community is something I strongly value). 

Simone Morden

Hi! I go to Stuyvesant High School and have been playing chess since Kindergarten. I attended the World Cadet Chess Championship in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in 2018 as part of the US Chess Federation Team. Besides chess, I like to do TaeKwonDo and cook. 

Max Mottola

Hi, I'm Max! Some of my chess achievements include being on the National High School Championship winning Dalton team in 2022 and 2023, 4th place in the 2023 National High School Blitz Championship, and finishing 5th place with my team in the 2023 Amateur Team East. My peak USCF rating is 2149 and I'm currently working towards the national master title. Outside of chess, I play the piano and like to write short stories and run in my free time. 

Rania Awad

I have taught chess for the past three years, training over 100 students from pre-K to seventh grade. I also guide my peers as a captain of my school’s chess team. As a female chess player ranked in the top 30 nationally for girls my age, I am passionate about fostering growth in women’s chess. When I’m not playing chess, you will find me drawing or learning a new song on the piano. 

Hana Carlson

I've been playing chess since kindergarten. I've gradually become more relaxed when it has come to playing in official tournaments, but I'm looking forward to doing more during the school year. When I was in second grade I got second place in Girl's Nationals. I enjoy reading (and writing!) high fantasy books. I play piano, sing, and debate. 

Johji Nakada

I have played chess for 11 years, and have multiple national championships with my elementary and middle school, as well as a national high school championship with Dalton. I have taught chess before, and am excited to teach in the future. 

Jay Badillo

Hello! My name is Jay, and I’ve been playing chess since I was 5 years old. I was introduced to chess through my school, Success Academy, in kindergarten and have been playing ever since. I’ve travelled around the nation participating in tournaments; In 2021, I tied for 5th place in the U14 All Girls National Championship. I plan to spread the valuable chess knowledge while simultaneously becoming a better player. 

Timothy Ng

Hello! I'm Tim, a junior at Hunter College High School. My peak and live rating is 1992 and I'm currently top 100 in the country for my age. My other chess achievements include numerous 2nd and 3rd place finishes with my team at nationals and multiple top 20th place finishes individually at the aforementioned tournament. I was also 46th on the top 100 lists in 5th grade. Besides chess, I love fencing and have taken up surfing recently. 

Siddharth Ganti-Agrawal

I’m Siddharth Ganti-Agrawal, a 10th grader at Hunter College High School. I have been playing chess since elementary school with a peak rating of 1834. At Hunter, I’ve been a part of state and national championship winning teams. Aside from chess, also love running track and field and cross country, and playing and watching sports. 

Dazhen Lu

I started playing chess when I was 6. Since then, it’s been a big part of my life. I am on my school team and have won various team and individual achievements at the national level. Some of my individual awards include the second place class prize at the 2023 High School Nationals. Other than chess, my hobbies include piano and history. 

Aliya Saldanha-Suri

Aliya Saldanha-Suri is a 9th grader at The Bronx High School of Science. She has been playing chess for 10 years and has a peak rating of 1693. Aliya has participated in many tournaments, including winning the 2017 NYS Scholastic Championships and 5th place at SuperNationals VI (in her sections). Aliya has a passion for mentoring and is excited to share her love of chess. Apart from chess, Aliya also enjoys art and playing the piano. 

Roxana Harris

My name is Roxana Harris and I have been playing chess for over 10 years. While I don’t play competitively anymore, I used to participate in many tournaments and I studied chess at the Marshall Chess Club. Other than that, I love math and English and I have been tutoring math for two years at my school. I like to do chess tactics, listen to music, and run in my free time. 

George Wang

My name is George. I play squash and ultimate frisbee. I enjoy online chess and learning about computers. I am interested in statistics, finance, and economics. I am also the vice president of Classics Club at my school, the oldest club. I also was previously the vice president for chess club at my school as well. 

Sophie Zhu

I have been playing chess since I was 7 years old. Currently, I am top 20 for girls age 14. I have participated in international tournaments, like the World Cadet Chess Championships in 2019. I have also tied for 15th place in the 2022 National K-12 Championship. In addition to chess, I also play soccer and violin.